Foot and Mouth – Illegal movements could slow relaxation of movement ban

Industry bodies are urging farmers to abide by the ban on all movements of livestock except those for moving cows across roads for milking and for vet treatment.

Today also brought news that fallen stock collections could resume within days, Roger Pride gave his one and only interview to the press, the costs of the movement ban were beginning to emerge and in Scotland, movement for slaughter was expected to start on Wednesday (8 August).

The NFU, NSA, NBA and NPA have said the complete movement ban is seen by the industry as absolutely necessary in short term disease control.

They recognise this restriction puts businesses under immense pressure, but illegal movements must be resisted as this could delay the relaxation of movements.
The organisations are all working closely with DEFRA to prioritise the unwinding of movements at the earliest opportunity. This will be based on an ongoing risk assessment in order that the impact on the health and welfare of the animals and those handling them is minimised.
One dairy farmer from Shrewsbury who contacted FWi, but preferred to remain anonymous, said he was aware of many local farms moving animals in contravention of the ban. “All sorts of illegal movements are happening and nothing is being done to stop them. I’ve telephoned DEFRA and was told they had other things to worry about at the moment.”