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Funding up for grabs for ‘shovel ready’ biodiversity projects

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Severn Trent is the UK’s second biggest water company. It serves 4.1m homes and business customers in and around the Midlands. Its region stretches from the Welsh borders to Rutland and from the outskirts of Sheffield south to the Bristol Channel and east to the Humber.

Catchment management is a key part of Severn Trent’s environmental work and involves working with farmers, landowners, businesses and charities to use and influence water in an environmentally friendly way to protect water quality at the source, rather than rely on treatment measures later in the process to becoming drinking water.

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Tree planting

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The impact of COVID-19 on communities in the Midlands has led Severn Trent to release a one-off, limited-time-only, funding pot of £250,000 to support farmers wanting to improve biodiversity in the region, no matter how ambitious their ideas.

Zara Frankton, Severn Trent senior biodiversity coordinator, says that anyone in the region can apply for funding. Projects must encompass an area of over 0.5ha or 0.5km and must be completed by 31 March 2021.

“We’re open to any ideas, on any scale, but the more creative the better – the sky’s the limit. Previous projects have included wetland restoration, hedgerow planting, wildflower meadow creation and habitat management for native birds and mammals,” she says.

“Given the tight deadline, applicants need to make sure any proposed work can be started right away. We’ll also consider projects that have already started but remain unfinished, perhaps because they ran into financial difficulty.

We need these to be up and running by the spring to give habitat and other wildlife the best chance to thrive.”

This funding is a part of Severn Trent’s major Great Big Nature Boost commitment aimed at preserving the region’s natural environment and tackling climate change.

This ongoing project has ambitious plans to work with the community to enhance nature over 5,000ha, plant 1.3 million trees and restore 2,000km of rivers by 2027.

To apply for funding, please email to express your interest, as soon as possible.

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