Gordon Ramsey rapped for pig slaughter on TVs F Word

Channel 4 has received a number of complaints after two pigs reared by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay were slaughtered as part of his popular TV show the F Word.

The episode last Wednesday (9 August) upset viewers after it showed the porkers, named Trinny and Susannah, having their throats slit at an abattoir.

Even the chef from hell looked queasy after witnessing the animals being butchered. “F**k, I’m going to get the hell out of here,” he said.

Later Mr Ramsay, who relishes his tough guy reputation, admitted: “I felt sick as a dog in there. Not pleasant.”

Ironically, the contestants on the controversial episode were four farmers daughters from Harper Adams agricultural college.

However, Sarah Hinchliffe, Charlotte Favill, Annette Hunt and Samantha Coward fared better at the hands of Mr Ramsay than Trinny and Susannah.

They scored the second best result of the series so far with 50 diners happy to pay for 120 of the 150 dishes prepared by the girls.