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Have you got a clear energy strategy for your business?

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The energy market and how we consume energy is changing faster than any other time in history. Lowering costs and consumption creates challenges for businesses like yours. We can help.

There has never been so much discussion about energy as in recent times, with the market full of experts, suppliers, brokers and commentators.

This already complex topic has been made even more confusing with supply shortage headlines, high prices and government interventions.

What can business owners do to mitigate short term impact and formulate a business energy plans for the future?

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If you, like many other rural business owners, are considering your options then your overall strategy needs to balance a complex and often contradictory set of objectives:

Sourcing energy in the short term

You’ll need to consider what kind of supplier to get your energy from, whether you need a long term or short term contract. and you’ll need to examine cost models and consumption forecasts.

On-site generation for the longer-term view

Are you in a position to utilise technology to reduce your reliance on the fluctuating prices of the wholesale energy market?

On-site generation may help you, but be sure to conduct a full assessment of how long this will take to deploy and how this might change your costs looking to the medium term.

There are a wide range of options and technology solutions in the market, some will suit your business more than others.

Reducing energy consumption

Ask yourself if smarter working could help reduce costs and increase energy efficiency for your business. After all, the cheapest unit of energy is the one you don’t use.

Spend time thinking about what reports or monitoring you’ll want to use to help you achieve this and then look into the range of products that you’ll need to deploy.

This could range from something as simple as LED lighting, to heat pumps which is why a proper assessment is vital.

Reducing carbon consumption

We can forget we need to balance out all of the above with our affect on the planet and the role we all play in reducing our impact.

When looking to reducer carbon some key elements must be factored in such as how much carbon you use and what are the most carbon intensive areas of your business?

Set yourself a target to work towards and ensure any strategy around this is sustainable and fits well with the other elements of your plan.

How do we help with your energy objectives?

Our team have expertise in all aspects. We can help you understand your current set up in more detail, allowing you to make decisions on how your energy consumption and use of technology evolves over time.

Ultimately we want to help you reduce operational costs by doing the right things.

We also understand that for many businesses, the current pressures and costs are having a significant impact. We know from our clients the pressure energy costs are putting on businesses.

Along with long term plans around on-site generation and other solutions, we can help in the short term by taking a look at your energy contracts to see if we can help make some immediate changes to help you save money.

Who are Troo?

We are experts in finding you the best deal on your gas, electricity and water services at procurement stage, but we go beyond that and make sure we’re there for you for the duration of your energy contract.

We provide bill checking and analysis, cost recovery help (including VAT and CCL overpayments), new meter and supplier liaison, energy efficiency advice, KVA analysis and compliance advice, all as standard.

We call this combination of brokerage and ongoing consulting assistance our ‘Troo Assure’ service, which wraps around three key promises we make to each and every customer.


We’re an independent broker who work with multiple suppliers to present the most suitable options for you at exactly the right time for the right price.


We’re clear to our customers about our business model, with no hidden fee’s and we talk to you in plain English, never hiding behind industry jargon.


We take the confusion out of dealing with Energy, providing practical advice and dealing with energy suppliers on your behalf so you don’t have to.

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The energy market and the way we consume energy is changing faster than any other time in recent history. Lowering costs and consumption in a complex industry has created new challenges for rural businesses like yours. We can help.

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