Have your say on the EU’s organic logo

The European Union is asking members of the public to vote for a new EU-wide organic logo.

The winning entry will be introduced as the official logo for organic products throughout the European Union in July 2010.

Three logos have been shortlisted after a competition for art students which drew over 3400 entries.

The logo will be compulsory for all pre-packaged organic products that originate in the 27 Member States and meet the required labelling standards.

The Organic and Farmers Growers said the organisation was “distinctly underwhelmed” as they all seemed to be a bit “dull and uninformative”.

“That’s not to be unkind to the artists who created them, who no doubt put in a lot of thought and effort, but this is a big thing for organics,” said the OFG blog.

“Not only is it the introduction of a compulsory logo for the first time, but it should be an opportunity to strike a chord with consumers and create something that is instantly recognisable and understood as organic.

“We don’t really think any of the three chosen by the judges are going to achieve that.”

organic logos

You can vote for your preferred choice (see above) on the EU website. Tell us what you think of the options on the forums.