Landowners show interest in renewables

Over 90% of landowners are considering some form of renewable energy scheme on their estate, according to a Knight Frank survey at this year’s CLA Game Fair.

Few of the 70 people questioned were already generating renewable electricity on their estate, but over three-quarters said the introduction of feed-in tariffs had encouraged them to investigate renewable energy schemes.

Wind power was the most popular option; over half said they would consider putting a turbine on their land. Solar photovoltaic was considered by 52% while 28% were interested in hydroelectric schemes and 24% in anaerobic digestion, the survey found.

“The results of our survey confirm the appetite of rural landowners for renewable electricity generation,” Christopher Smith, head of Knight Frank’s renewables and energy department, said.

“They also show how successful the introduction of renewable energy feed-in tariffs has been in encouraging people to invest in renewable schemes.

“Because FIT tariffs are guaranteed for up to 25 years they offer landowners a long-term income generation stream. For many estates that have seen their agricultural incomes fall sharply, renewable energy will completely transform their balance sheets.”