UK’s largest fertiliser plant to be built in Yorkshire

Fertiliser company Yara has announced plans to build a new facility in Pocklington, Yorkshire, which is due to be operational by 2025.

The new site is set to be the largest in the UK, according to Yara, doubling the company’s current production capacity for some of its fertiliser products, such as YaraVita speciality crop nutrition products and biostimulants.

Sales of biostimulants by the company have increased fivefold during the past 20 years, and the marketplace for these products is forecast to continue to grow further.

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Yara UK managing director Jari Pentinmaki said: “As a global company with production plants and employees all over the world, Yara could have built this plant anywhere, but we chose the UK.

“We are delighted that we are able to support UK agriculture in this way and we know that our current employees in Yorkshire will be excited that production will remain there, just as it has been since 2009.”

The Norwegian multinational made pre-tax profit of $3.64bn in 2022, up from $738m in 2021, according to its integrated report.

It employs about 17,500 people globally, in more than 60 countries.