Farmers Weekly posters shared far and wide online

In less than 24 hours, more than 1,000 people have shared Farmers Weekly’s posters highlighting the plight facing many dairy and sheep farmers.

The posters have been designed to appeal to consumers and focus on what shoppers can do to help the farming industry.

They can be easily downloaded from the website in PDF form so you can print them out and display them in your local community.

A copy of the dairy poster (PDF) is also printed on the back cover of this week’s Farmers Weekly magazine (7 August).

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If you want to share the message online, you can use social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, where they have the potential to be seen by millions of consumers.

You can find the posters on Farmers Weekly’s Facebook page, which already has more than 62,000 followers.

Alternatively, follow us on Twitter @farmersweekly and you will be able to retweet a version of the poster to all your followers, too.

The dairy poster is topped with the message that it is “Udder madness” that so many farmers are being forced out of the industry by low prices.

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It urges shoppers to seek out British cheese, cream, yoghurt and butter, in addition to liquid milk, to help support the sector as a whole.

The lamb poster (PDF) uses the pun “Ewe what?” to draw attention to the significant losses that many farmers will be making on every lamb sold.

It suggests shoppers should make a point of seeking out British lamb in a bid to drive up demand.

Farm leaders have this week warned that many farmers are facing financial devastation and that the industry is at crisis point.

An emergency meeting has been convened in London on Monday (10 Aug) to discuss the best way forward.

Udder Madness - poster supporting dairy farmers

Ewe what poster