Meat, fish, and poultry dishes leading out-of-home market

AHDB has published new data showing meat, fish, and poultry account for the majority of spend at restaurants, take-aways and other outlets serving meals.

In the out of home market, 97% of burgers consumed are made from meat or poultry and nearly 90% of Asian-style meals and 80% of Indian dishes incorporate either meat, fish or poultry.  

Price could be a factor, the report adds, the average cost of a plant-based meal is £7.49 and a vegetarian meal is £5.06, compared to £3.76 for pork, £5.52 for beef and £5.65 for chicken.

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Meat, fish and poultry meals are also more likely to be bought in fast-food restaurants, which account for a larger share of the market.

AHDB senior retail insight manager Kim Heath said people are still more likely to consume these for their main meal, which is a “more expensive, bigger occasion’’.

No impact on meat-free sales from Veganuary

New research has shown that Veganuary led to no uplift in UK sales of meat-free meals eaten out of the home in January.

AHDB says that although Veganuary appears to be increasingly popular, no January increase in meat-free meals in the out of home market was recorded.

In the year to 22 January 2023, vegetarian and plant-based meals accounted for 15.1% of the market share, according to the analysis conducted in conjunction with Kantar.