Video: Cow and sheep help get prices crisis message to Londoners

A cow and two sheep have been walked through central London to show consumers where their food comes from, and to highlight low prices facing farmers.

Scott Ruck, manager of Belmont Farm in Mill Hill, said he felt obliged to highlight to consumers on one of Europe’s busiest shopping streets the plight of dairy and lamb farmers across the country.

He took a halter-trained Jersey cow and two sheep down Oxford Street to raise awareness of low farmgate prices.


Scott was joined by volunteers and staff at the farm, who handed out leaflets and told consumers about the difficulties facing agriculture.

The animals had a warm welcome and, for a number of onlookers, including one 50-year-old, it was the first livestock they had seen in their lives.

After pausing for photos outside Bond Street Tube, Scott and his gang made for Marble Arch, passing some of the most recognisable retailers in the country.

Scott said: “We want to see more commitment from the government and the public towards British produce from British farmers, who have some of the highest standards in the world.”