McDonalds’ milk goes organic

Organic dairy farmers could benefit from increased demand for their milk after McDonalds has announced it is switching to organic milk for its coffee and hot chocolate drinks.

The move could account for 5% of the UK’s organic milk supplies.

In a bid to tap into growing consumer interest in the provenance of food, the fast-food chain recently switched its supply of coffee beans to stocks certified by conservation group the Rainforest Alliance. The move added 10% to McDonalds coffee sales.

UK chief executive Steve Easterbrook said: “British consumers are increasingly interested in the quality, sourcing and ethics of the food and drink they buy.

“This has led to growth in the supply of British-produced organic milk, which has enabled us to make this move for our customers.”

McDonalds will also be switching its mini pots of milk for tea to organic semi-skimmed milk.

Daryl Caswell of Arla Foods, which supplies all McDonalds’ mainland milk demand, said: “The organic market for milk has been increasing significantly year on year. It is good to see McDonalds is leading the quick-service sector in converting to organic.”

McDonalds also said it hoped the move would increase consumer demand for organic milk and help the sector to grow.