Mixed picture for pig prices

Although the Deadweight Adjusted Pig Price fell another 1.49p to 140.82p/kg, only two of the five shout price abattoirs dropped their quotes.

Tulip and Gills went down a penny to 135p and 137p/kg respectively and the remainder stood on, with Woodheads at 138p and Vion and Cranswick at 135p/kg.

Spot bacon was generally traded in the 130p-134p/kg range, reflecting a slightly stronger demand than a week ago with fewer reports of pigs being rolled or numbers building up in the system.

The recent spell of cold weather will reduce growth rates at a time when retail demand could also improve.

The value of the euro remains a key factor as far as the import/export pigmeat balance is concerned and this week closed with the euro worth 83.7p, up from 83.06p a week ago.

Cull sow prices also moved sharply higher reflecting better EU mainland pigmeat values, with export abattoirs quoting 116p-120p/kg and volumes still reported to be on the light side.

The weaner market is however continuing to reflect producers’ concerns over a relatively bullish cereals sector, with the latest AHDB 30kg ex-farm weaner average easing a shade to £44.54/head. However, supplies are still reported to be on the tight side. The recent cold weather is also reducing numbers of pigs born alive and weaned on outdoor units.