Moo milk gets a makeover

Milk Link’s long-life milk brand, Moo, has been given a makeover in an effort to boost customer awareness and sales.

The co-op has decided to repackage one litre packs of Moo in cartons similar to orange juice, which the company says will boost its on-shelf impact and, ultimately, sales.

The new shape has given designers more space to convey Moo’s brand values, and a British farmer is now appearing on the pack, next to a grazing cow.

The words “tasty milk from British farmers who care for their cows and the countryside” appear above it.

Alli Lucy, senior product manager at Milk Link claimed: “Our new fun and informative designs for Moo milk will highlight to parents and kids the benefits of drinking milk and help to reignite interest in where food comes from and the positives of British farming.”

The milk will now be processed and packed at Milk Link’s Devon plant in Crediton.