More businesses switch to free-range eggs

More businesses switched to using only free-range eggs last year and the sector is set to grow strongly ahead of the 2012 ban on conventional battery farm eggs, according to Compassion in World Farming.

The organisation last night (14 May) presented another 34 companies with its Good Egg award, which recognises businesses that have committed to replacing caged eggs with free-range, organic or barn eggs.

The BBC, Channel 4, Little Chef, Virgin Trains and Starbucks Coffee were among those who received an award.

“Our spread of winners this year really demonstrates that the European food industry is taking this issue seriously,” CIWF’s chief executive Philip Lymbery said. “We’ve got companies from all sectors moving to cage-free eggs, including the catering operations of public bodies, hospitals and universities.”

Free-range and barn shell eggs accounted for 61% of overall market value last year and between 2007 and 2008 the volume growth in egg sales was greatest in the free-range sector (+8.4%), compared with a 3.3% decline in the sale of standard caged eggs, TNS data showed.

Click here for a full list of UK Good Egg award winners

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