More than 400 at Arla milk price protest

More than 400 dairy farmers have blockaded the Arla dairy in Leeds during a peaceful protest over milk price cuts.
No vehicles carrying milk managed to get into or out of the dairy for several hours as farmers blockaded the entrance from 8pm on Thursday night (19 July).

The protest – which was co-ordinated by more than one “action group” – involved Farmers for Action. It is understood that a FFA representative was allowed inside the dairy to express farmers’ concerns.

Harrogate dairy farmer Robert Graham was at the protest and said farmers from a wide area of the north east had turned out.

Mr Graham told Farmers Weekly: “Farmers are not radical people but we cannot continue with a situation where the profits of supermarkets and retailers are as high as ever and yet we, as dairy farmers, are subsidising the price of milk on the shelves. We want to stop the next price cut and have the 2ppl price cut rescinded.”

He expected further demonstrations would continue to be held across the UK until the price cut situation was resolved.

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