Muller ‘committed to three month notice period’

Muller Wiseman Dairies confirmed this week its commitment to the three month notice period stipulated in the voluntary dairy code.

The company said it was fully committed to the code and would be offering a market leading “clean” milk price with no member retentions, capital levies, balancing or haulage costs.

A three-month notice period was standard on all contracts, and if a farmer supplier wished to leave following a change to milk price or schedule, they could do so in full compliance with the code, said the company’s agricultural affairs manager Pete Nicholson.

Outside the code’s requirements on notice periods following a change to milk price or schedule, any farmer wishing to leave was required to give three months’ notice so long as they did not leave during the two autumn trough months when milk is scarce.

“This compares favourably with other milk buyers who are maintaining a twelve month notice period outwith price and schedule changes,” added Mr Nicholson.

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