NFU and Farmers for Action to tackle dairy crisis

An urgent meeting between NFU president Peter Kendall and Farmers for Action chairman David Handley will take place on Thursday (5 July) in a bid to tackle the crisis which is crippling the dairy industry.

Mr Kendall and Mr Handley have arranged the crisis talks following the latest round of milk price cuts announced in the past week from four processors, including from Robert Wiseman Dairies, Arla Foods UK, Dairy Crest and First Milk.

“The time for talk is clearly over and we must take action before the dairy industry is on its knees,” said Mr Kendall.

“Dairy farmers are already quitting in record numbers and this new round of cuts, many due to come into force on 1 August, is likely to be the final straw for many.”

Mr Handley said: “We cannot emphasise enough just how urgent this is – and how this is not just a case of us sitting down to talk.

“The whole industry is looking to us for action so it is vital that we come up with a practical plan of action that can help reverse these steps which are threatening the entire dairy industry.”

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