Nitrogen prices move up a few pounds a tonne

Another month brings another rise of up to £5/t in UK manufactured ammonium nitrate prices, putting product on to farm in the mid-£190s/t for spot or October delivery. 

More than half of new season nitrogen is thought to have been booked by growers and trade is quiet.

The urea market is at about £210/t delivered for September through to December, slightly up on a month ago but with nothing to indicate significant movement either way, said traders.

Imported ammonium nitrate is keenly priced at £10-£12/t below UK product with good availability.

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Most action in terms of orders in the past couple of weeks has been on P and K products, with a continued move to straights. This is a very competitive sector with prices slightly down on those of mid-July in some areas.

The blends market is quiet but competitive, with an aggressive NPK compounds and blends campaign expected to begin shortly.

Fertiliser update – August (£/t delivered)*

UK 34.5% N

Granular urea

(46% N)

Imported AN

0:24:24 (blend)


£210 (Sept-Dec)



Potash (MOP) 

Phosphate (DAP)

Phosphate (TSP)

0:26:26 (blend)  

£244-246 (Aug-Oct)

£322-£330 (Aug-Oct)

£257-£265 (Aug-Oct)


*All illustrated prices are based on full loads for cash payment month following


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