Noble Foods launches national free-range egg brand

Noble Foods has launched The Happy Egg Company, a new national brand of eggs aimed at increasing free range sales.

Hens at Happy Egg Company farms have the freedom to roam around, forage and explore and are cared for on specially selected British Free Range farms.

Andrew Joret, technical director, said: “We have been working with hens for many years, but we wanted to know what really makes hens happy. So we observed hens on the farm and discovered what they seem to enjoy doing, and enhanced their environment accordingly.

“The result is happier, healthier free-range flocks that produce excellent quality eggs. We have an ongoing commitment to researching the behaviour of hens and are developing projects with major British universities.”

The eye-catching yellow packaging can be found in big retailers including Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Co-op and Morrisions priced at £1.58 for six medium eggs and £1.78 for six large eggs.

A national TV advertising campaign will be launched in 2009 to support the brand.

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