Noble Foods launches ready-to-eat hard boiled egg in Sainsbury’s

Today’s hectic lifestyle means that many people don’t even have the time to boil an egg, prompting Noble Foods to launch a new ready-to-eat hard-boiled egg in selected Sainsbury’s stores.

Noble Foods already provides millions of hard-boiled eggs to sandwich and salad manufacturers across the country. And as the firm’s group marketing manager Finn Cottle explains: “The idea of providing a hard-boiled egg into retail stores seemed like a natural progression.”

Egg consumption per head in the UK is 140 shell eggs a year, which is a lot lower than other countries, such as France at 167 and USA at 175. Noble Foods hopes the introduction of the new “Fresh and Tasty” chilled hard-boiled eggs will help increase the number of eggs eaten both at home and on the move. Mrs Cottle adds: “Eggs are so easily forgotten when planning meals at home: They can be seen as a fridge-filler and consumers need to be reminded that they are a versatile, value for money alternative to other protein foods.

“It is perfect for packed lunches and picnics and inspires the use of eggs in sandwiches, salads and meals without having to allow for the preparation time.”

Initially, the ready-to-eat eggs will be available in selected Sainsbury’s Convenience stores, retailing at £1.99 for a pack of four. All the eggs are British Lion Quality free-range eggs.