Novus acquires IQF-Group

International producer of animal feed and additives, Novus International, has acquired the Spain and Mexico-based IQF Group


IQF Group produces a range of feed additives to improve egg colour and nutrition as well as the quality of meat across the poultry, pork, beef and aquaculture markets.

Novus produces a range of feed products for the poultrymeat and egg industry as well as across a variety of other markets including pork, beef and aquaculture.

“We are very excited about this acquisition as it will take Novus into a world leadership position in natural pigments as well as to new geographical segments that will benefit our customers and our industry,” said Novus international’s executive vice-president of marketing and sales, Giovanni Gasperoni.

“These products are very high quality and they are a natural extension of our existing product portfolio.”

This is the second acquisition for Novus in the past six months – it bought the animal nutrition division of US-based Albion Laboratories Inc in December 2009, expanding the company’s services for the beef and dairy industry.

In March, Novus announced the opening of a human nutrition division, Stratum Nutrition.

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