Online seed option launched

FARMERS SUBMITTING farm-saved seed declarations for this spring‘s plantings can now do so electronically.

The BSPB web-site offers growers with internet access a straightforward, paper-free means of completing their returns, explains licensing and intellectual property manager Sue Wigzell.

“We want to make the task of complying with the farm-saved seed rules as hassle-free as possible.”

A simple, five-step process means growers can register and submit their holding details and areas of farm-saved seed sown by variety.

Payment due is calculated automatically, and can be paid to BSPB by cheque or bank transfer.

For spring 2004 plantings, growers must submit their declaration and any payment by June 1.

“This is an additional option for growers,” said Dr Wigzell. “Paper forms are being posted this week, and that route will remain available.

“But we recognise that an increasing number of farmers prefer to use computer-based records and communication.”

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