Paice calls for more milk investment at the NFU Conference 2012

Farm minister Jim Paice has called for more investment in the milk sector to help displace foreign dairy imports from supermarket shelves.

Speaking at an NFU dairy seminar Mr Paice described the dairy industry as “the largest and probably the most important sector in farming”.

He criticised milk processor groups for being too focused on the liquid milk market and ignoring the potential in global markets.

“We only produce half of the dairy products we consume and we import from a lot from countries we should be exporting to,” he said.

“We have lost sight of the much bigger global market. Can we displace those imports from our shelves.

“We need to get out there and do what so many other countries are doing and grab those expanding opportunities across the world.”

Mr Paice also voiced his support for a voluntary code of practice.

“I did push hard for the industry to have a code to ensure all the different eventualities are covered and everyone can be sure where they’re going.

“Rest assured I am foursquare behind the industry on this issue.

“There is no alternative,” he said.

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