Panorama turns spotlight on single farm payments

The question of who should be eligible to receive single farm payments will be put under the TV media spotlight on Monday night (5 March) by the Panorama team.

The programme, which will be screened at 8.30pm on BBC 1, claims that it will show “how millions of pounds of public money are being paid out to businessmen and millionaire farmers in an abuse of the farming subsidy system.”

According to the preview on the BBC’s website, the episode also includes investors explaining how they have been paid without having to do any farming at all.

The reporter fronting the episode will also try and to see if “she can take advantage of the subsidy system and become rich from the loophole”.

What do you think of the show? Will this be damaging to farming or is Panorama right to air such issues. Share your thoughts on the forums or tweet your view at #bbcpanorama.

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