More waiting for farmers


FARMERS ON cross-border holdings or with common land will have to keep waiting for information on how they will be treated with regard to the single payment scheme.

DEFRA has said that the treatment of the groups is still under consideration and a decision will come “at a later date”. Producers will also have to play a waiting game for more information on the new set-aside rules that will apply from next year.

Full details will not be ready until the end of the month.


The NFU said DEFRA’s announcement had provided some clarification but a number of questions remained unanswered. “We are expecting further announcements and it is important that these decisions are made as soon as possible.

British farming is entering a crucial time and farmers need to be receiving clear signals in order to make sound decisions on the future of their businesses.” Junior DEFRA minister Lord Whitty said:

“We recognise that farmers do not yet have all the pieces of the jigsaw and we are working to provide these at the earliest possible opportunity.”