SPS 2010 – Get your queries answered by the RPA

Confused about which code to put in a box? Baffled by a column which you are not sure how to complete? Keen to complete your form online, but not sure how to go about it?

In order to help farmers fill their SP5 forms as quickly and easily as possible a team from the RPA has agreed to answer your queries about form-filling online using the forums on Farmers Weekly Interactive.

We’ve set up a dedicated area of the site to enable any farmer to raise their queries about how to complete the form accurately.

You will need to be registered to do so, but this process only takes a couple of minutes.

This is a great opportunity to get those niggling queries answered by specialists within the RPA. The team will not be able to answer individual queries which relate to your individual claim – but they will be able to field common queries.

The forum thread will be open from 12 March through to 31 March and answers to the most frequently asked questions will appear in future issues of Farmers Weekly.

• For advice on how to fill out your SP5 form click here and you can read economic and world editor Philip Clarke’s view on in his blog.

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