Welsh government to pay 100% of tree planting costs

Higher payment rates for woodland creation will be paid to Welsh farmers in a bid to encourage more tree planting.

The funding provided will now cover 100% of tree planting costs to help the Welsh government reach its target of planting 86m trees by the end of the decade.

Welsh climate change minister Julie James said that, after speaking with farmers earlier this year to better understand potential blockers to woodland creation, it was clear that payment rates were an issue.

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The Welsh government will keep the rates under review, while inflation remains high.

Welsh rural affairs minister Lesley Griffiths said the higher rates should make it more attractive to farmers.

“We want to work with farmers on the principle of ‘the right tree in the right place’.

“Planting trees can also become an asset over time, such as by providing shelter for livestock or income from the timber,” added Ms Griffiths.

Tree planting schemes

A range of schemes are available in Wales including the Woodland Creation Grant, The Woodland Investment Grant, Woodland Restoration Scheme, and planning schemes.

The Woodland Creation Grant provides funding for tree planting and fencing, with 12 years of maintenance and premium payments.

Land used for the scheme will not impact on BPS payments and the next application window runs from 24 July until 15 September, with up to £11m in funding being made available.

Woodland Creation Grant payment rates




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Native biodiversity



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Source: Welsh government

Maintenance payments under Woodland Creation Grant scheme will also be paid to landowners:

  • £400/ha in year one 
  • £300/ha in year two
  • £250/ha in year three
  • £70/ha during years four to 12

An additional £350/ha will be paid annually to cover loss of agricultural earnings.

A small grants scheme is also available for tree planting on land between 0.1ha and 2ha in size.

The Woodland Creation Planning Scheme offers financial support of between £1,000 and £5,000 to help farmers develop a new woodland creation plan and obtain professional advice.

Full details on the different funding options available can be found on the Welsh government website.