Pig and poultry sectors in crisis

The NFU and the National Pig Association are to combine forces to campaign for sustainable prices for the pig and poultry sectors.


Rising feed costs and soaring demand have put the sectors under unprecedented pressure, with the pig sector alone losing £3.9m a week.


The organisations will use a press conference today (Tuesday 4 September) to warn of the consequences for supply if prices do not match the steep increase in costs faced by the industry.


According to figures used by the lobbying bodies, an increase of 7-17p on a retail pack of pork and 12-15p/kg for poultry in the prices paid by processors and retailers to farmers would be sufficient to secure the sectors’ future.


The era of cheap food is coming, and must come, to an end, said NFU President, Peter Kendall.


The union’s poultry board chairman, Charles Bourns, went on to voice concern that the natural price rise which would arrest these losses is being countered by some supermarkets engaging in price wars at the expense of farmers.


“We have seen dramatic feed increases in recent weeks. Historically this has happened before and we had a price increase to producers from the supply chain.”


NPA Chairman reiterated these comments and added: “A modest rise of 7p to 17p/pack of pork or pork products is all it would take to move the industry back from breaking point, but we need action in days not weeks.”

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