Pig farmers record song to raise awareness of poor prices

A group of pig farmers from across the UK have recorded a charity song for the Save Our Bacon campaign in a bid to raise awareness of the fight for fairer pig prices.

The farmers, who call themselves Pig Aid, spent the day in a London recording studio performing Stand by Your Ham, a version of the Tammy Wynette classic, Stand By Your Man.


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Barney Kay, National Pig Association general manager, said he came up with the idea for the song in a bid to convey to consumers how much trouble the UK’s pig industry is in.

“It’s a humorous way of conveying a very serious message,” he said.

“Producers are going out of businesses, and if consumers want to eat British pork then we need to put pressure on retailers to put prices up.

“Unless prices increase, British pork could be a thing of the past within 12 months.”

Mr Kay said the song will be available to download from the Pigs Are Worth It campaign website from Friday.

“As well as downloading the song, we are also asking people to sign our petition supporting pig producers when they visit the website.

“We will present the petition to Downing Street in 4 March, when the NPA and about 400 pig farmers and their local MPs will call for retailers to give the industry a fair share of the profit.”

Catch a glimpse of the singers in practice in our exclusive FWi video which will be avilable from 10pm on Friday (22 Feb).