Pig finishers urged to register for IPPC permits

Reports are circulating that a number of pig finisher units have failed to register for Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) permits by the January 2007 deadline.

According to the Environment Agency, applications have been received for 120 pig finisher sites and 21 pig breeding sites.

This is well short of the 350 total pig applications expected. Letters are now being sent out to pig keepers reminding them of the need to register sites with a capacity for more than 750 sows and/or 2,000 finishers.

Any owners of pig sites above these levels who have failed to apply for an IPPC permit may be identified and be liable for prosecution.

The National Pig Association has warned its members that the Environment Agency has an extensive database which identifies every significant pig unit.  Those who have failed to register may soon expect a visit.