Pig price drifts up

PIGS TRADED for the week commencing Mon 10 Jan remained close to static pre-Christmas levels.

The GB Euro Deadweight Adjusted Pig Price (DAPP) eased marginally to close at 100.39p and market sentiment remains relatively firm.

The gap between UK and EU producer prices remained small, with the latter on 96p/kg, but reports of a sharp downturn in German prices may unsettle the market in the weeks ahead.

German quotes have lost 7p/kg in value over the past two weeks and may trigger falls in neighbouring countries.

Spot prices for UK bacon pigs this week were generally in the 100-103p/kg range, and lighter weights were sold between 103-107p/kg.

Signs of slightly easier manufacturing pig meat prices in Europe saw sow quotes ease a little.

Most export abattoirs were bidding some 6% lower than in early December, in the 80-83p range.

The euro also opened at slightly easier levels on Mon, Jan 10, trading at 69.8p compared with 70.5p the previous week.

Any downward movement of the euro will reduce the value of cull sows and allow pigmeat imports to undercut the home market.

The weaner market is however showing some signs of improvement with most spot trades generally in the £32-34/head range, although the Meat and Livestock Commission 30kg average remains pegged at £30.97 ex farm.