Pinch on pigmeat prices

UK PIGMEAT prices for the week commencing Mon 17 Jan have remained under pressure.

The GB Euro Deadweight Adjusted Pig Price (DAPP) eased again to close at 99.93p, leading some contract and spot buyers to move their base prices down to match.

Spot prices for UK bacon pigs this week were generally in the 96–100p/kg range, but some Westcountry processors were prepared to bid 2–4p/kg above this to bolster dwindling supplies.

Easier manufacturing pigmeat prices in Europe affected sow quotes, which fell by up to 10p/kg.

Most export abattoirs are bidding in the 72–80p/kg range according to load size and availability. With further herd clearances underway, supplies remain relatively high.

The euro has been traded at similar levels, opening at 70.1p on Mon, Jan 17. Any recovery in the value of the euro will help to maintain cull sow values and add to the cost of imports.

Weaner prices continue their modest recovery with the MLC 30kg average standing at £31.33/head.

But unless a sustained recovery is seen in finished pig prices, weaner values are unlikely to improve further until the spring.