Pork imports and exports both rise in November

UK pork exports increased by 13% in November, compared to the previous month, at a total of 14,000t.

Shipments to China continued to increase, reaching more than 2,300t, while sales to the EU fell slightly, said a report by AHDB. Bacon and ham sales dropped by more than 75%, but sausage exports increased by 78%.

“Although offal exports have come down since October, there was a 43% year-on-year increment in November, reflecting increased demand from the EU.”

Imports in November were 3% above the previous year, although shipments for the first 11 months of the year were still 6% lower than 2011.

Clean pig slaughterings during 2012 topped the 10 million mark for the first time in a decade, said the report. UK throughputs were 2% higher than in 2011, despite a stable breeding herd, as sow productivity increased.

Slaughterings in December were nearly 4% higher than the previous year, at 769,000 head. However, for the first time since May, the number of adult sows and boars slaughtered was below year earlier levels. “Producers may have been feeling under less financial pressure, although lower cull sow prices will have been an important factor.”



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