Property Special – May 2007

Welcome to another exclusive property special from FWi. In this guide, you can read find about when best to sell land, we look at land prices in Europe and we offer advice on the Australian farming market.


To download the guide,click on the articles below:  

  1. Property special 2 – Contents
  2. Property special 3 – Taking a chance with rising prices 
  3. Property special 4 – New legislation passes responsiblity to sellers
  4. Property special 5 – Land values hit an all time high
  5. Property special 6 – Analysis puts UK land value middle league 
  6. Property special 7 – Getting to grips with the compensation minefield
  7. Property special 8 – Head down under for a new lifestyle


Ask the...Land Promoter - How do I prepare my land for sale?

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