Ringside at Ayr Market, Ayrshire

Ayr Market, Ayrshire

A plainer show of breeding cattle resulted in slightly easier trade at Tuesday’s (6 August) sale. Overall, heifers with calves averaged £1,540, with cows at £1,205, bulling heifers settling at £970, and bulls at £1,863. Top price of £2,080 was paid for a Limousin heifer with a bull calf at foot, with a similar outfit topping the cow section at £2,050. Limousin bulling heifers reached £1,180 on three occasions.

In the prime section, steers peaked at 245p/kg and averaged 213p, with heifers reaching 244p and settling at 213.5p/kg. Young bulls averaged 230.3p, with a Charolais cross topping at 239p/kg.

Straw sales got under way with baled winter wheat selling to £99/acre and averaging £96.50, and spring barley straw averaging £95.50/acre.

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