Ringside at Louth, Lincolnshire

Louth Market, Lincolnshire. A good quality entry of 378 prime lambs commanded excellent trade at Thursday’s (26 July) sale.

A pen of 37kg lambs scooped the day’s top price of 222p/kg, with two pens of 47kg lambs grossing £94.50 a head. Overall the sale averaged 199.28p/kg, or £84.50 a head. Store lambs settled at £64.50 apiece and topped at £66.

In the cattle ring a number of top-quality animals achieved a strong premium, and with demand exceeding supply, all types sold well, said auctioneer Russell Jeanes. Steers averaged 191.72p/kg, with a British Blue achieving the top price of 205.5p/kg and a Limousin the top price per head of £1,333. A Limousin heifer topped at 224.5p/kg (£1,293 a head), with all heifers settling at 207.47p/kg.

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