Ringside at Newcastle Emlyn Market

Last Thursday’s (29 August) auction at Newcastle Emlyn Market, Carmarthenshire, included the annual production sale of 1,000 store lambs from R Davies, Aberystwyth, as well as 500 fat lambs, 120 culls and 100 other stores.

“Stores sold well throughout, considering there were a larger number of lighter lambs presented,” said auctioneer Geraint James. Top price was £83.50 with an overall average of £48.52 apiece.

“Lambs continue on a level trade, with lightweights being more stagnant,” said Mr James. Light lambs averaged 149.7p/kg, with standard weights at 160.5p, mediums at 167.3p and heavy lambs at 164p/kg. Cull ewes sold to a steady run, averaging £56.73 at £75 a head.

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