Ringside: Bakewell Market, Derbyshire

HRH the Duke of Gloucester visited Bakewell Market in Derbyshire during Monday’s sale (8 July), witnessing a new record price for barren and OTM cattle. Despite perfect haymaking weather, 390 cattle and 1,799 sheep were forward, with a British Blue OTM cow setting a record of 224p/kg.

Overall, OTM cattle averaged 144p/kg, with Black and Whites averaging 138p. In the store section, steers sold to £1,320, with heifers reaching £1,180 apiece. Finished cattle peaked at 248p/kg and averaged 202.5p.

In the sheep lines, finished lambs sold to 278p/kg and averaged 232p, with the top 10 pens averaging 269.7p. Hoggs topped at 141p/kg and averaged 125.45p, with shearlings peaking at 136p and levelling at 121p. Cull ewes sold to £127 apiece.

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