Royal Welsh: Better outlook for wool prices, farmers told

Recent improvements in the value of the 2007 wool clip look set to continue, but Welsh sheep farmers must support the British Wool Marketing Board, says member Tom Tudor.

“Other wool buyers in the marketplace are basing their higher prices on what the BWMB is achieving from its sales. Producers must realise that these buyers can cherry-pick supplies from wherever they want. If they offered the only means of marketing wool there would be many small producers who would be ignored altogether,” said Mr Tudor who farms at Newtown, Powys.

The BWMB sold 2m kilos of wool at its second sale of the season this week meeting strong demand, partly due to low end of season stocks.

BWMB marketing manager Mark Powell said: “Our first sale in early July saw prices jump 10p/kg compared with the same time last year.

“We usually start the season with a carry-over of 4-5m kilos – this year we had no carry-over whatsoever and it’s creating a keen edge to the trade.”

It the trade continued farmers could expect an average balance payment of over 30-40p/kg and a total clip value of 40-50p/kg for half-breds, Mules and Beulah or Radnor-type wool.

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