RPA announces single farm payment values

The Rural Payments Agency has announced the flat rate entitlement values for England’s farmers in 2013.

Farmers whose claims have been validated will be paid as soon as possible after the payment window opens in December, an RPA spokeswoman said.

But the payment farmers receive will be lower than the entitlement value, she warned.

“The entitlement values are established before claims are finalised and before European and national modulation deductions have been applied,” the spokeswoman said.

2013 Single Payment Scheme rates:
  • €323.97 for non-SDA (Severely Disadvantaged Areas)
  • €260.29 for upland SDA, other than moorland
  • €45.47 for upland SDA moorland

Conversion rate is €1 = £0.83605 (euro rate in September 2013)

Payments will also be reduced by about 2.5% because of the EU-wide Financial Discipline Mechanism introduced by Brussels to ensure spending does not exceed the commission’s budget.

The RPA advised farmers to carefully check SPS entitlement statements that are sent out after claims have been paid. These will be available from January 2014. “The statements confirm the number and value of each farmer’s SPS 2013 entitlements,” the spokeswoman said.

“Paper copies of statements and guidance will only be sent to those farmers or agents who applied on paper forms for 2013,” she added.

Online applicants can print off statements using a personal identification number to access their accounts.

If farmers believe payments are incorrect they should submit queries in writing to the RPA as soon as possible.

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