Satellite improvements boost broadband popularity

As the major internet service providers continue to concentrate on urban areas, the number of rural people setting up their own broadband is steadily increasing.

Despite its reputation for being slow and expensive, satellite broadband is one of the most popular methods of delivering a fast, reliable and cost-effective solution.

Its popularity is down to how easy it is to set up, and how effective it can be compared with other methods, according to Andrew Walwyn, managing director of satellite broadband provider Tooway Direct.

“People are often surprised how good it really is when they see the technology working. A few years ago satellite broadband was much more expensive and incredibly clunky,” said Mr Walwyn.

“It’s like a snowball gathering momentum. It has had a bad reputation, but word is now getting round as more people see the technology in action.”

As part of Farmers Weekly’s Battling for Broadband campaign, we’re looking at a range of technologies that farmers are using to set up their own connections.

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