Service helps keep labelling legal

A Dorset butcher is offering a slaughtering and butchery service for farmers, which takes all the stress out of packing and labelling.

Gavin Keen, manager of family run Blackmore Vale Butchery, collects carcasses, processes, packs and labels meat on behalf of local farmers and smallholders. This can then be sold by the farmer, in a farm shop or farmers market, or sold on to other retailers or restaurants.

There are many ways farmers end up breaking the law when selling their own meat, warned Mr Keen.

“Farmers can be put in a difficult position when using slaughtering and butchery services, as if meat is not packed correctly in the first place, farmers may not be able to sell it,” he said.

“Farmers processing their own meat need a licence, and even re-packing meat in the farmhouse kitchen is illegal if you sell it afterwards.”

The difference with Blackmore Vale is attention to detail, the range of options for packing and the special labelling the business offers, said Mr Keen.

“It’s important to get all the food labelling correct, particularly traceability, ingredients and pricing, but alongside this we’re also able to put logos on and do different label designs.”

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