SOS Dairy protest song released on YouTube

A song written in support of the dairy farmers’ campaign for fairer milk prices is set to become a YouTube hit.

The jaunty ditty, called “SOSdairy Song” was written and performed by The Dobro Doctor. It was released on the music sharing website on Thursday (26 July).

Farmers Weekly chief reporter Johann Tasker and The Dobro Doctor then collaborated to turn the song into a three-minute YouTube video, including footage from the past week’s protests.

The song references the NFU and campaign group Farmers for Action, who have led recent protests calling for fairer milk prices.

Toby Wilson, also known as The Dobro Doctor, said he got the inspiration to write the song from his brother Oliver Wilson, an agricultural lawyer and director of Nigel Davis Solicitors.

“My brother called me and said it would be good fun to write a song about the dairy protests,” said Toby, a former professional musician from Staffordshire.

“I wrote the first version of my song pretty quickly after drinking a couple of beers. It was much angrier, but I toned it down and included references to Farmers for Action for the second version.

“I wanted the song to sound catchy and have a bit of looseness to it. I didn’t want it to be clinically produced.

“Writing and recording the song really opened my eyes to what has been going on in the dairy sector. I hope it can have some sort of positive impact on the campaign.”

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