Spilsby YFC to pull Lancaster bomber for charity

Spilsby Young Farmers are taking on a rather unusual challenge, pulling a 19t Second World War bomber for charity.

Eight Young Farmers will be hauling the massive Lancaster MkVII aircraft known as Just Jane 70m to raise funds for the Help for Heroes charity and Lincolnshire Rural Support Network. They are hoping to raise more than £1000 through donations.

The aircraft, registration NX611, is based at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre and is owned by local farmer Fred Panton.

Fred’s interest in aviation stemmed from the loss of his brother during the Second World War who was a flight engineer on a similar Halifax bomber.

NX611, was built in April 1945, narrowly missing the end of the Second World War. She flew 1600 hours during service with French forces in Indo-China, as well as fulfilling a maritime reconnaissance role over the Atlantic.

Now confined to the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre, the aircraft does not have an airworthiness certificate, but offers visitors to the museum the opportunity to taxi along the runway in this unique piece of aviation history.

The pull on 30 August is part of a big event, celebrating the aircraft’s 65th anniversary in front of a crowd of over a thousand spectators.

For more information, or to make a donation, go to www.lincsaviation.co.uk or call 01790 763 207.