Static market has no taste for legs

DEADWEIGHT PIG prices are generally unchanged for the week commencing May 24, with processors complaining of poor retail demand, especially for legs.

Although the GB Euro Deadweight Average Pig Price (DAPP) published on May 19 increased by 0.14p to 109.78p/kg, contract and spot buyers have been reluctant to follow suit.

Contract base prices have remained at similar levels and spot baconers traded in the 108-112p/kg range according to specification and region.

Signs of a slight recovery in some EU markets have emerged, with French quotes gaining 3p/kg to stand at 85p/kg. 

Reports of shrinking supplies in some EU countries also helped to put modest gains into Dutch and Spanish prices.

But the EU pig meat average of 83p/kg dwt compares with a GB average of 109p/kg, and imports are still undercutting the domestic market. 

The Euro also remains relatively weak, opening on Mon, May 24 at 66.85p.

Traders fear that unless the Pound eases against the Euro there is little scope for GB values to rally before the summer when prices generally start to slide.

Weaner quotes have started to reflect the prospect of lower finished pig prices in the July/August period, with the Meat and Livestock Commission 30kg price losing further ground to £34.74/head ex-farm.