Stock Entry Numbers Continue their Upward Trend

Stock Entry Numbers Continue their Upward Trend by Robert Davies

The organisers of the Winter Fair claim the number of livestock entered makes it the UK”s top primestock show.

This year cattle entries total 218, including 67 crossbred steers and 63 crossbred heifers. There will also be 45 baby steers and heifers, and 20 purebred Welsh Black steers in a special section.

The success of the Fair is encouraging more Welsh stockmen to try to breed a champion, pushing up the number of entries eligible for the exhibitor-bred cattle championship to 54.

 The number of pairs of lambs entered has increased from 367 in 2003 to 375. Carcass section judges will also have a tough time picking the best from 98 single lambs, 22 pairs and 31 entries in the special class for Texels.

At 48, the number of live pigs will be the highest for four years. Horse classes, which were introduced in 2001 when the event was hit by foot-and-mouth restrictions, continue to expand. Entries in the eight sections total 737 head.