Strong contest at Bishop’s Castle auction mart

Ringside at…Bishop’s Castle Auction Mart, Shropshire.

Judge Andrew Dalton (pictured left) chose six British Blue heifers from Victor Morris (centre) as his champion group at Thursday’s (19 April) prize sale, watched over by Halls’ chairman Peter Willcock (right). The bunch went on to sell for £1,000 a head, amid strong competition from 600 store cattle.

Overall, heifers averaged 212.34p/kg and £890 a head, with top prices of 291p/kg and £1380/head. In the steer section, a 725kg Limousin commanded the top price per head of £1510, with the highest price per kg of 332p, and an overall average of 223.18p/kg, or £1032.62. Bulls were keenly sought after, averaging 209p/kg, or £740 a head, and selling to a top of 230p/kg or £1210 a head.

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