Study shows sport adds value to milk

Milk could become the sports drink of choice after new research found it is better than either water or isotonic sports drinks at improving recovery after exercise.

The study, funded by the Milk Development Council and conducted at Loughborough University, tested the effectiveness of skimmed milk compared to water and isotonic drinks to rehydrate the body after exercise.

Published in the latest version of the British Journal of Nutrition the study paves the way for a variety of new product development that would add value to the dairy sector.

MDC marketing manager Jeff Nicholas said: “There is clearly a huge demand for sports drinks of all kinds, but this research puts milk-based sports drinks in a very strong position.”

NFU chief dairy adviser Tom Hind applauded the MDC for sponsoring the research.

“The benefits of probiotic milk-based drinks to the sector are well understood. This research is welcome and demonstrates the value of R&D spend. The challenge now is to ensure the dairy industry can capitalise on this and deliver value for producers.”

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