Supermarkets stick to British pork

Supermarket support for British pork is holding up despite fierce foreign competition, according to a survey.

The National Pig Association’s latest Porkwatch found British retailers were stocking the same proportion of home-grown fresh pork, sausages and bacon in March as they were in January.

British fresh pork and sausages both made up 83% of shelf facings, while British ham took up 64%.

The amount of British bacon on shelves also rose from 44% to 46%.

Seven supermarkets continue to stock only British fresh pork, with discounter Lidl is also approaching 100%.

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Asda was the weakest performer, with its percentage of British pigmeat dropping in every category.

The crash in pig prices over the last 12 months has hit European producers particularly hard – which could have tempted struggling retailers to import cheaper pork.

NPA chairman and North Yorkshire farmer Richard Lister said the fact they were not was “remarkable testament to the quality of the domestic product”.

NPA chief executive Dr Zoe Davies said she recognised the companies had extremely cost-conscious customers.

“Nevertheless there is plenty of evidence to show the best way to grow the pork category is to major on British, so we will be urging Asda to review its sourcing policies.

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