Survey suggests 86% will buy organic or free range at Christmas

Nearly 90% of consumers claim that they will be eating a free range or organic turkey this Christmas, according to a new survey. conducted a survey of 1791 people across the UK asking them what food they are planning to tuck into this Christmas and 86% said that they are buying free range or organic meat for their Christmas meal.

The average price difference between an organic turkey and a standard turkey is between £15 and £20. The survey results show that this is a price most are willing to pay. Of those asked, 62% only buy organic meat all year round, the remaining 24% are prepared to spend the difference at Christmas, but not throughout the year.

And 31% of those that are eating free range or organic this festive season have said that they are doing it for the taste and quality of the meat rather than for how the animal was treated when reared. Whereas 41% of those that are eating organically have said that although the meat does taste much better, they are also doing it because they feel better within themselves for eating animals that have been reared healthily and fairly, and had the best possible living conditions.

Those asked that are not buying free range or organic meat have stated that the reason is only the cost and that they “are not prepared” to spend the extra £20 for meat that is more fairly treated while being reared for food.

Commenting on the results, Paul Jackson of Golden River Farms, said: “I completely endorse people buying free range and organic produce. The quality of the food is vastly different compared with mass produced and caged animals. I can understand that the difference in cost can play a major role in the decision-making process. However, in this case you really are paying for quality.